Ford BlueCruise Updates

September 30th, 2022 by

NYE Ford Ford Next Gen BlueCruise
Photo Source: Ford

On Sep 8, 2022, the Ford company made that promise come true with the launch of BlueCruise 1.2 and Lincoln Active Glide 1.2 which offer a bright array of new features that include hands-free lane changing. Back in November of 2021, Ford announced the Ford BlueCruise would receive some OTA updates sometime in 2022. In August of this year, those updates that the BlueCruise was set to receive came to fruition with the promise that even more would be on the way. These promises are being kept, with some incredible changes coming to the already fantastic system. 

Doug Field, Chief EV & Digital Systems Officer, Ford Model e had this to tell enthusiasts about the updates “We are investing in our ADAS team to constantly improve BlueCruise and ActiveGlide for our customers. The latest improvements allow customers to command lane changes using just a turn signal, and make hands-free driving feel more human-like by smoothly slowing down for turns, and giving more room to large vehicles in neighboring lanes. These improvements are just the beginning of a constant journey toward improving safety and, in the future, giving customers valuable time back.” 

The changes being made include a complete system update that creates a more human-like driving experience whenever on the road versus something that feels more robotic. The new and improved system will begin arriving on vehicles from the factory this fall 2022 and will start with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The available BlueCruise and ActiveGlide 1.2 will include three new features that are the following:

  • In-Lane Repositioning – a feature that makes the hands-free highway driving experience feel more organic while keeping the vehicle within its lane while gently shifting the vehicle’s position away from vehicles in juxtaposing lanes.
  • Lane Change Assist – a feature that will help drivers maneuver through traffic on the freeway more confidently when BlueCruise is engaged. The system will execute a hands-free lane change when requested by the driver just by tapping the turn signal. The system can even suggest if a lane change would benefit following slow-moving traffic.
  • Predictive Speed Assist – a feature that automatically and effortlessly adjusts the speed as drivers draw close to a sharp curve and will assist in signaling to the driver ahead of time when a speed change is about to occur to give notice of why the vehicle is slowing down. 

Ford engineers over at the Ford company are highly devoted to making sure they enhance their ADAS to deliver a more human-like driving experience while refining visuals, sensing, and steering experiences throughout the driving process. Ford’s engineers have also worked tirelessly to improve maps with over-the-air updates that identify prequalified sections of divided highways where BlueCruise is available for use (which spans over 130,000 miles). Once that prequalified road is identified, vehicles equipped with BlueCruise can sense and confirm which lane lines are visible. At the same time, the driver has their eyes on the road to ensure easy transitioning to hands-free driving. Now, 75,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles are fully equipped with BlueCruise and ActiveGlide, with over 16 million hands-free driving miles accumulated through the end of August.

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