Ford Donates Millions in Response to Disaster Relief Around the Globe

July 1st, 2023 by

NYE Ford 2023 Team Rubicon Powered by Ford

Photo Source: Ford

Together with the Ford Fund and Team Rubicon, Ford Motor Company revealed an ambitious new disaster response plan in 2023, dubbing it Team Rubicon Powered by Ford. This cooperative effort is set to fortify aid to the increasing number of United States communities struggling with natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes. Given that 90 percent of United States counties have faced a federal climate disaster between 2011 and 2021, Ford’s commitment, comprising a philanthropic donation of $2.5 million, the mobilization of employee volunteers, and a fleet of vehicles, is a timely intervention to increase Team Rubicon’s abilities to deliver no-cost services to the most vulnerable communities.

The Details of the Plan

To clarify, Ford donated 17 vehicles to Team Rubicon, including ten Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid trucks, two Ford Bronco SUVs, three Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks, and two Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks. The legacy automaker also provided five years of maintenance on the 17 vehicles, amounting to $5.8 million. 

Each automobile even features a unique co-branded wrap design influenced by the swift mobility of an aircraft, with reflective components increasing visibility in low-light situations. Bill Ford, Executive Chair at Ford, described the crux of this alliance: “At the heart of Ford is our commitment to help out our communities in times of need and make it possible for our employees to volunteer their time and talent to help others.” 

Team Rubicon Powered by Ford moves forward with the Blue Oval’s tradition of disaster relief ventures dating back nearly a quarter-century. Ford’s dedication to disaster aid began in 1999 when a calamitous earthquake battered Turkey. Since then, the company has unwaveringly supported disaster-stricken communities, nationally and globally. Their consistent support ranges from significant events such as Hurricane Harvey (2017) and the Texas ice storms (2021) to the catastrophic storms in eastern Kentucky (2022), delivering urgent assistance through essential goods transportation, emergency vehicle deployment, and direct service provider funding.

The Core of Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian organization, has been dedicated to helping global communities before, during, and after crises and disasters from the outset after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. With over 160,000 volunteers across the United States, Team Rubicon depends on the clout, experiences, and skills of medical professionals, military veterans, technology solutions, and first responders to dispatch high-impact service. 

Art delaCruz, Team Rubicon CEO and retired U.S. Naval officer conveyed appreciation for the mutual cooperation, declaring, “It starts with shared values – Team Rubicon and Ford both embrace the ethos of service, a vision of creating and strengthening communities – we’re committed to service. This Ford fleet and its innovative technology, in addition to the Ford Fund investment, exponentially increases our ability to reach those who have been impacted by disasters and crises.” 

Ford’s Contribution

Ford’s $2.5 million donation to Team Rubicon is a significant investment in disaster relief efforts across the United States. By providing vehicles and financial resources to disaster relief organizations, the manufacturer is helping to support communities in need and minimize the impact of natural disasters. The donation is also part of Ford’s broader efforts to promote sustainability and diminish its carbon footprint. As automakers continue to face pressure to reduce their environmental repercussions, investments in disaster relief organizations like Team Rubicon will become increasingly important.

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