Ford’s F-Series Reigns Supreme for 46 Years in a Row

January 13th, 2023 by

NYE Ford 2022 Ford F-150

Photo Source: Ford

For the 46th consecutive year, Ford’s F-Series has yet again taken the top spot in the market in sales, a rank it has managed to uphold for nearly half a century. A testament to the automaker’s success is its ability to live up to the Ford tradition, which means rapidly producing dependable, dynamic, and durable pickup trucks. Ford’s F-Series pickups surpassed the 600,000 mark in 2022, ticking upward to a total of 653,957 trucks sold for the year. To put the figures into even greater perspective, not only does this indicate that the F-Series was America’s best-selling truck for the 46th year in a row, but it also led to the F-Series becoming the country’s best-selling automobile for 41 years, selling approximately one F-Series truck every 49 seconds in 2022. Indeed, that is a truly staggering number to come to terms with.

Although, when analyzing the brand more closely, it could be more surprising. It is plausible to surmise that they are likely to continue being the best-selling truck in 2023 because the versatility of the F-Series can extend to so many different areas of society. For example, the F-Series consists of entry-level pickups, two-doors, four-doors, extremely heavy-duty work trucks, and now a hybrid and full-electric variation, so there is a remarkable sense of diversity to select from. Moreover, the F-150 Lightning, when it made its first official debut, swiftly developed into the best-selling all-electric pickup truck.

In the Face of Continuing Inflation

It is safe to say that, despite the pandemic and inflation’s turbulent effects on sales, the auto industry finished the year on a high note. Ford F-Series sales closed the year with its best monthly sales performance in December (2022) with 75,076 trucks sold. In addition, total orders for the all-new 2023 model year Super Duty are now surpassing 245,000 trucks. In Ford’s particular case, one of the most significant aspects of the brand’s triumphs in an inflated market is how they price their automobiles in comparison to the competition. 

The base trim F-150 has a price tag of $33,695 MSRP (Plus destination fee), whereas the entry-level Chevy Silverado 1500 begins at $36,300 MSRP (Plus destination fee). Even though Ford is the less expensive vehicle of the two, it still exhibits more prizes than its rival. Furthermore, the F-150 is available in greater configurations. To set it apart even more, it is the only one of the two to have an electric vehicle or hybrid iteration of its pickup truck currently available.

The overall details were summed up quite accurately by Andrew Frick, vice president, Sales, Distribution & Trucks, Ford Blue: “F-Series was America’s best-selling truck for the 46th consecutive year, outselling our second-place competitor by over 140,000 trucks, and the Bronco family of vehicles increased 51.3 percent. Ford is well positioned with a strong retail order bank heading into 2023.” 

75th Anniversary of the F-Series

This year is positioned to be a memorable one for Ford’s F-Series. In 2023, the F-Series will commemorate its 75th anniversary since the first model year of the F-Series in 1948. Ever since that point, Ford has truly redefined what a pickup truck looks like, drives like, feels like, and how it functions. In short, the F-Series sets the bar in its segments for ingenuity. NYE Ford has what it takes to display the Ford brand with pride. Visit our dealership today if you are enthusiastic about getting a new car. If you are looking for a new option to buy or lease, take a peek at our new vehicle inventory or our quality pre-owned vehicles. We can help sell your current vehicle or restore it with an online service appointment to our service center. Our professional technicians can get started right away on all repairs or maintenance work.