How to Never Lose Your Tools Again – According to Ford Pro

September 23rd, 2022 by

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Ford has the perfect solution for tradesmen who feel like they’re constantly misplacing their tools. The engineers at the Ford Pro in Germany have developed tracking devices that can be installed into any piece of equipment from their tools to machines. These devices will have Bluetooth connectivity paired with GPS tracking for easy and convenient tracking. The devices can connect to company vehicles and can also then be connected to a central server so their location is always provided.

The Ford company has stated that every employee from a specific company can keep track of all tools and equipment they carry by simply using a computer, a dedicated smartphone/tablet app, and even the in-car screen of a work vehicle. It will show a live map of the locations of each piece of a company’s equipment and tools and they can be searched for and located based on specifics like ‘vehicle’, tool type’, ‘storage’, and ‘tool name’. Tools can even be listed as ‘broken’, ‘in maintenance’, and ‘working’ directly. Ford has also mentioned that having a full list of the tools that a work vehicle has will allow for more efficient checking of the vehicle’s inventory. It will also make things much simpler when it comes to transporting tools and equipment between sites which, in turn, will make job planning easier.

Supervisor of CV Ecosystems, Research, and Advanced Engineering at Ford of Europe, Walter Pijls had this to say “Even the most attentive worker can leave behind a toolbox at the end of a long day or forget a hand tool when rushing to another job. On busy sites, tools can sometimes get mixed up or be stolen if left overnight. As work projects often have tight schedules, spending time to replace lost equipment can cause a cascade of problems, with every delay costing time and money.”

The Ford company has said that many businesses lose about $447 worth of equipment/tools per work vehicle on average in Germany. Once the company has conducted more research within other markets in the automotive and work industry, Ford will make the tracking service available for use. As of now, because Ford wants to research more, there is no official release date on this service and if it will be offered in more countries outside of Germany, so stay tuned for more updates to come!

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