New F1 Partnership Between Ford and Red Bull

February 10th, 2023 by

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Photo Source: Red Bull

Formula One’s soaring popularity in the United States has enticed another American brand to the series. Ford announced in early February 2023 that it would return to the jet-setting series as the engine provider for Red Bull Racing. The partnership commences with immediate technical support this 2023 season. Still, Ford engines will be put into play in 2026 when F1 officially endorses new hybrid stipulations that drew Ford back after a 24-year absence when the Blue Oval sold Jaguar to Red Bull. 

The Red Bull team was previously discussing a potential partnership with Porsche before even considering Ford as a collaborator in the sport. Still, the deal fell through the cracks when the Stuttgart brand desired more control of Red Bull’s business than it was willing to concede.

Curiously, the information regarding Ford’s involvement was leaked ahead of schedule, as the BBC reports it received the scintillating news from Ansa, an Italian news agency that admitted to publishing an official announcement in error before quickly withdrawing it. Formula 1 later corroborated Ford’s entry into the sport but decided not to disclose which team it would be aligned with. Going forward, from 2026, both Red Bull and Alpha Tauri cars will be powered by Ford-branded engines in a fair deal that trades funding and technical guidance for naming rights.

Ford’s Legacy of Winning

Ford is quite clear about what it seeks to achieve, as Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance, declared to The Associated Press: “Red Bull is committed to winning, and they’ve demonstrated that they are capable of winning. We want to be in motorsports for the technology and for the marketing, but we want to do it winning and with the right partner.”

To put Ford’s unbridled ambition into greater context, the automaker largely overshadowed its F1 rivals in the late 1960s and 1970s as the Cosworth engine manufacturer. The American brand is the third most prominent engine maker in F1 history, with thirteen drivers’ championships and ten constructors’ championships. All in all, Ford won 176 races. 

Red Bull’s Current Partner

Red Bull Formula 1 cars are currently equipped with engines run by Honda and will continue until the year 2025, just before the regulations are altered. It has been reported that Honda previously pulled out of the deal in 2021 but changed its plans in 2022 for an alliance that was supposed to extend to 2023, and no longer. Those plans were modified as well, given that the Japanese automaker reached a conclusion to prolong the deal until the end of 2025 when, according to the BBC, Ford will take the lead in co-funding the advancement of a new engine in company with Red Bull. 

General Motors has also partnered with Andretti Global to be its engine supplier if Andretti gets an F1 team. Accomplishing such a feat may be easier said than done, however, because there is controversy surrounding the development of an entirely new team. The question remains if everyone in the hypothetical Andretti-Cadillac team will receive their fair share of the profits.

At the time, it remains uncertain if an Andretti entry will happen, but if it does, two of the “Big Three” American automakers could be going head to head in F1. The perception of such a competition will be ideal for Ford, as the deal will probably be costly, and a vehicle with Ford’s logo on the side could be iconic in a competitive environment.

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