“Built Ford Proud” Campaign Aims to Inspire Future Generations of Ford Drivers

March 31st, 2023 by

NYE Ford 2023 Built Ford Proud

Photo Source: Ford

Ford, a company that has been steadfastly focused on the innovation of cars for the last 120 years, is taking a new direction away from its conventional tactics – which have historically revolved around Ford automobiles and equipment – under the 2023 “Built Ford Proud” tagline. It aims to pay closer attention to the individuals behind the wheel and the objectives they represent. Erica Martin, Ford Marketing Communications Manager, stated, “‘Built Ford Proud’ has always been about the immense pride we feel for our vehicles and the employees who build them. Today, we are putting the spotlight on the drivers, because who they are – and what they accomplish with our vehicles – is a huge part of what makes this brand special.” 

The Actor Mechanic

Collaborations with Sydney Sweeney, Dee Bryant, and Kai Lenny are pivotal to the campaign’s success, each of which is featured in their commercials. They have been chosen for having specific connections to the Ford brand. For example, Sweeney, an Emmy Award-nominated actor known for her roles in such works as “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” was selected due to her passion for restoring vintage Ford automobiles, something she emphasizes in her TikTok channel, aptly dubbed Syd’s Garage. 

According to statistics, promoting her platform comes when only 2.1 percent of mechanics are female. To go against the grain and significantly increase that percentage, she has become associated with the automaker in the hopes of inspiring women to feel more comfortable working on their vehicles. Furthermore, through collaborative efforts, Sweeney will host an Auto 101 TikTok series on her channel. It is meant to be a tutorial to teach viewers essential elements of vehicle maintenance, such as how to jump a dead battery or check their automobile’s tire pressure. The manufacturer and Sweeney will also launch her female-focused workwear collection, called Ford x Sydney Sweeney, made with the cooperation of Dickies.

Sweeney is seriously taking on various projects, exuberantly claiming, “This campaign is very genuine to me. Through my Auto 101 series and the female-forward workwear collection, I hope to empower and uplift women to pursue their passions, to get involved in the world of cars, and show that anyone can follow their dreams, no matter what they are!” 

The Stunt Driver

Dee Bryant is a stunt driver featured in previous Ford commercials and will debut a social media series cheekily called “Stuff Only Dee Should Do,” presenting both her skills and the 2024 Mustang. The driver is one of a limited number of African American women who take part in the industry. She utilizes her influence to combat inequality, ranging from racism to sexism. Bryant even began a nonprofit organization, the Association of Women Drivers, to further her cause of paving the way for the next generation of female stunt drivers. 

The Surfer and Ford Truck Aficionado

Kai Lenny is a Big Wave surfer who relies on Ford’s F-Series trucks to haul equipment. The partnership with the surfer will involve encouraging the next generation of athletes in his community. Indeed, the collaboration between the Blue Oval and the motivated surfer will result in a line of limited-edition surfboards, each styled with colorways complementing the trim levels of Ford’s all-new 2023 Super Duty Truck. Eight surfboards from the collection will be donated to the Positively Kai Foundation, the surfer’s Maui-based charity.

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