Ford Turns to Video Games for the Interior Design of the 2024 Mustang

August 18th, 2023 by

NYE Ford 2024 Ford Mustang

Photo Source: Ford

The 2024 Ford Mustang promises to be one of the most recognizable variants of the muscle car yet, with iterations such as the Dark Horse and revised styling meaning it could become a modern classic. Ford has more ambitious targets though, focusing on a younger audience with the all-new Mustang. 

A 5.0-liter V-8 Coyote engine might go a long way to achieve that, but Ford aims to do it with the technology the muscle car features, such as its electronic drift brake and gaming-style graphics, as reported by Ford Authority. There are a whole host of customization options as well that the brand anticipates will further enhance the appeal of the Mustang to younger buyers. Attracting younger people to the muscle car will help ensure its survival and introduce a new generation to the world of muscle.

The Allure of Technology

One aspect Ford believes will attract a younger audience are the video game-style graphics the 2024 Mustang will boast. As a matter of fact, the automaker claims the digital gauges in the Mustang are customizable, allowing for a retro gaming-style experience that Ford expects will appeal to a large portion of its consumers. This combines with features like the electronic drift brake to spark a sales rebound for the muscle car and attract the younger generation that craves personalization.

Even though it might sound slightly cliché, there is a method to Ford’s thinking. Gaining the interest of a younger audience is key, claims Ford, to guarantee that the Mustang remains relevant in a very different world from when it was first introduced. Jim Owens, head of marketing for the Mustang, recently explained the company’s logic to CarExpert: “When you get to play with that stuff, it’s going to bring in a younger audience for sure. The focus group stuff that we did; younger audiences said ‘hey it’s about time’ and ‘oh this is cool,’ They like to personalize their technology, it’s how they grew up – and they loved it.”

Continuing Muscle Car Relevance

Winning over a new audience will bring up the numbers. Nonetheless, there is a chance that some Dodge and Chevrolet loyalists could make their way into the Ford stable, particularly in light of the discontinuation of the Challenger and Camaro. With the option of a brawny, V-8-powered, rear-wheel drive American muscle car now down to just the Mustang, several adamant Dodge or Chevrolet enthusiasts will have nowhere to go. Thus, even without specifically aiming for younger customers, Ford might manage to cash in on an expansion of its traditional muscle car fanbase. 

Utilitarian Video Games

One of the most interesting characteristics of the 2024 Mustang digital cockpit is the software it relies on for the displays. The Blue Oval has selected the Unreal Engine, a graphics engine that is in an increasing number of video games in 2023. Unreal has existed for some time, but Unreal 4 and 5 have seen games such as Fortnite utilize the 3D creation tool. With this direct link between the Mustang and video game players, Ford expects it could potentially draw in that younger target base. 

Using Unreal Engine has other benefits as well, with the tool providing an outstanding and sleek lineup of displays that appear fresh and modern. In addition, motion graphics are components within the digital cluster of the Mustang. These showcase the 2024 Mustang on numerous roads depending on the mode the driver chooses. For example, in Drag Strip mode, the vehicle is seen doing a burnout. 

Ford has branched out with the Mustang to offer buyers the Mach-E. The brand, though, must capitalize on the chance to stake its claim in the pony car world with its two main rivals out of the picture for now. If you would like to keep up with the automaker’s latest innovations, please visit NYE Ford, where you can view everything the Blue Oval provides. We are excited about helping our customers enjoy their shopping experience. After all, we have a professional sales team that will make your buying, leasing, or selling needs easy for any of our new vehicle inventory.