Ford Offers Complimentary Pickup & Delivery & Mobile Service Starting in 2023

February 3rd, 2023 by

NYE Ford 2023 Ford Mobile Service

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As of January 2023, Ford Motor Company has announced plans to expand complimentary Pickup & Delivery and Mobile Service appointments to all Ford Service customers nationwide. Mobile services from Ford will not operate from a centralized location, though. Generally, dealerships can select whether they want to form part of the program and set certain limitations, such as mileage and distance requirements. However, the purpose of the program is a simple one, which is to be there for their customers. 

The Blue Oval appears to have made its judgment call based on the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study that has reached the determination that customers with remote experience in automotive repair are more likely to recommend their car brand. Participating dealers will come to the client’s home or place of business to pick up and drop off the automobile for repairs. Or, if the individual has access to a suitable location of the customer’s choice, a mobile Ford technician can perform light repairs and routine maintenance away from the dealership. The term “eligible locations” has not been accurately defined. Still, it typically refers to a place of business or a residence where it is safe and legal for a technician to work. Ford is, however, assisting dealers in getting the services into functioning order, as expressed by Tim Hovik, the National Dealer Council Chairperson: “We’ve been working with multiple teams at Ford to offer our customers more ways to personalize vehicle service.” 

Purchasing and Customer Experience

In truth, dealerships have splintered the automobile buying process and the service experience for customers, which can leave the results – for good or bad effects – on the manufacturer’s doorstep rather than the dealer. Some companies that form part of the competition continue to upset the dealership archetypes. By shying away from dealerships, vehicular rivals keep track of the purchasing and service experiences for their automobiles entirely in-house. For example, the automakers that follow such a method are especially renowned for their mobile technicians that can be scheduled in-app to arrive at customers’ driveways and do light repairs like mending air filters. 

Nonetheless, Ford is now coordinating to increase its competitive influence. In the 2022 model year, the company separated its electric contributions from its combustion vehicle enterprise so that it could more fiercely compete with rivals with suggestions like online ordering and straightforward pricing. 

Catching Up with Modernity

Consumers are understandably expecting an up-to-date online car buying endeavor with an intuitive mobile application that provides support. In the past, many Ford customers and other auto enthusiasts have deplored the dealership experience, especially service departments, but this is where the automaker has a growing opportunity because the dealership itself can be sidestepped altogether. As a matter of fact, according to Todd Rabourn, North America Regional CX Director, “This program increases the access customers have to remote service options, so whether you’re due for an oil change or need to resolve a recall, it’s easier to have your vehicle serviced with less disruption to your life, and the activities and people you care about.”

While it is true that the program holds an abundance of promise, in practice, the brand’s mobile and online services still depend heavily on dealerships. Nevertheless, FordPass, the brand’s smartphone application, allows customers to receive recommendations, schedule service appointments, and remotely view the status of their vehicle. The app could be a future vessel to more fully support Ford’s budding remote ventures.

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